Candle Making Fragrance Oils

Top quality, full strength fragrance oils for candlemaking from Connie's Candles. All of our oils are formulated to our specifications to bring you the best product at the best value! We will never dilute or cut our fragrance oils.


ALL of our fragrance oils are formulated for candlemaking in paraffin waxes. They may also be used in other types of applications, such as soy waxes and bath/body products. If suitable, they will ALSO have the appropriate label as listed below:

SAFE labeled fragrances are suitable for bath and body products, please follow your manufacturer's instructions for those products. Connie's Candles will not accept any liabilities or make any guarantees against adverse reactions.

SOY labeled fragrances are also compatible in soy waxes. We have tested these fragrances for scent throw in our waxes that we stock. Please test if you are using soy wax from another company. Refer to instructions for that soy wax on fragrance oil amount to use, as this will vary with all soy waxes on the market.

All sales on scents are final. No exchanges or substitutions are allowed. Please check your orders promptly when received, errors that are the fault of Connie's Candles will be corrected.

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