6228 Pillar Wax Instructions

Essential items needed:

Plastic cups for measuring scent (Dixie or Solo)

Kitchen scale (preferable)

Candy thermometer

First weigh your wax so later on you will know how much scent to add. This wax should be heated to 195 degrees to add the color and scent. Add shavings of color block to wax. The typical color block will color about 15-20 pounds of wax. The color will look darker in the melted wax and lighten up as it hardens. I sometimes put a little in a Dixie cup and stick it in the freezer for about 20 minutes to see how the shade will come out. It's best to start with a little color then add more if you need a darker shade. I recommend using 1 oz. of scent per pound of wax. If you have 3 pounds of wax melted and you want to use 1 oz of scent per pound, you will need to use 3 oz of scent for this batch. The scent should always be weighed because certain scents are heavier than others. For example, if you are using vanilla, and you pour out a "teaspoon", it could actually weigh 1/2 oz. If you measure out a teaspoon of strawberry, it may weigh only 1/4 oz. But even though the levels of scent used may look different, if you always weigh the scent the strength of the candle will always be consistent.

Perfect pillars and molded candles are not easy to make. It will take practice to keep the wick straight and to have a smooth candle, because with this type of wax there will be a sinkhole down the middle, which will need to be filled in or "topped off" after the candle has completely cooled. With your wax at about 180-190 degrees, pour it into your mold. Let it set until there is a thin layer on top of the candle, usually after about 10-15 minutes. Take your wick and make sure it's straight and place it in the candle and press it through the wax to the bottom. The wick should be able to stand on its own. This portion of the candle should be allowed to cool completely, which may take as long as 4-8 hours depending on the size and shape of the candle. You will need to check your wick a few times, by gently pulling on it to keep it straight. As the middle of the wax is sinking down (the air in the wax is coming out) this also pulls your wick down. This is the most important part about making molded candles.

After an hour or so, gently move the wick around to release the air inside the wax. Gently pull on the wick so that it isn't bent while the wax hardens. After wax is completely set, melt your leftover wax back down and pour the top layer to fill in the hole. It's important to not pour above the original candle or it will run down between the wax and the mold and create a pour line in the candle. Then trim your wick to 1/4 inch. The candle will burn longer if you put it in the refrigerator for an hour or so and if you wait at least a day before burning it.

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